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CMX1024-3200C2 fried need RMA


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I picked up a 2gb set of the listed memory(CMX1024-3200C2) and plugged it into my MB(8Ik1100). It worked fine and I had it in that system for roughly 3months. I took it out to put it into another system a Chaintech 7NJL6. After we installed the RAM and started to boot it up we smelled burning silicone.


We immediately shut down the computer and pulled the memory out. On one of the chips it shows black marks on two of the connectors. When the main label is facing me(slot on the right side) it is the 8th connector from the right side, flip it over so the main label is facing away from you(slot on the left side) the 4th connector is also black.


We put the original memory back in and everything booted up just fine(also corsair by the way). I was tempted to put the memory back in to test it again in the intel setup but I'm afraid it may do more damage. I need to start the RMA processor for this and just need to know where to start. I did check the thread in your sig and it does in fact list this as compatible memory for that board. We don't do any overclocking so that isn't an issue, the memory was installed correctly, I've built many systems and also had it working originally in the intel board, the other corsair memory also works fine in the board(2x512).


Clearly there is an issue with this chip since there was originally other corsair memory in the board, and it also works with corsair memory in the board after this incident. I'm also curious as to any explination as to why this could have happened as well as getting the RMA process started, I have never before burned out any RAM in my history of working on computers and it just doesn't make any sense to me.


Also since this was a set should I be sending in both chips, or just the one that appears to be defective(I would prefer to do this as a set since they were originally tested as a set). And how should I package and ship these once we get to that point.


Thanks in advance for your help.


PS - I also verified that this RAM is official supported with that motherboard via the link in your sig.

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Done! I have submitted the form. I was curious though if you had any idea how this could have happened. Basically I want to know if there is any preventative measures I could have taken after putting in new memory. I'm worried about it potentially causing damage to the rest of my system with something like this.


Short of the smell is there any other ways to tell you are having a problem?

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