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Value Select RAM Corrupts C:/WINNT/SYSTEM ??


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I recently decided to upgrade my RAM, and since I had 3 RAM slots, two filled with two 256 mb sticks, I decided to double it up and add a 512 mb stick in the third slot. I'm running on an Asus A7V266-E motherboard, so I use PC-2100 RAM. Keep in mind this machine has been running perfectly fine for over a year. I purchased a 512mb stick of the Corsair Value Select (VS512MB266) from zipzoomfly.com, and when it arrived, I plugged it in the third slot and started the computer. Everything seemed fine until halfway through loading a game, the computer crashed. When I tried to start back up, Windows (2000) wouldn't load all the way, and said that there was a file missing or corrupt: C:/WINNT/SYSTEM . After this error occurs, it will happen every time I boot the computer, whether the new RAM is in there or not. I tried Windows Emergency Repair procedures to no avail, and ended up having to reinstall Windows. In the fresh Windows install, everything works fine as long as the two old sticks are in, but once I put the new stick in, Windows runs for about 5 minutes before it crashes and I get the exact same corrupt file error and Windows won't boot anymore. I have tried this multiple times with the new stick in every memory slot on the board, sometimes with the new and old sticks in, sometimes with just the new stick in. The only thing that makes any difference is whether or not the new stick is installed. What do I need to do to confirm that this is a bad stick?
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