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TWINX1024-3500RE Does it exist?


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Hi this is my first post so before I ask my question I'd like to say thanks for providing such a usefull forum, I've solved quite a few memory problems by searching here.


Could you tell me what are the fastest matched pairs of DDR registered memory sticks corsair offer?

I'm going to overclock the speed by a large amount but also keep them very cool with a custom watercooling rig. I've been looking at the TWINX2048RE and 1024RE, I've heard rumours of a XMS3500 registered module but can't find any mention of it on the website. Idealy i'd like 4 x 2GB modules but I see from the specs the 1GB have lower latency. Can anyone give me an idea what the 2GB and 1GB modules might be capable of if kept chilled (0-10C)?

I've done some research and seen that the fastest XMS registered chips require a higher voltage and so aren't recommended for my MB, I plan to increase the supply voltage by soldering on some variable resistors as shown here:



For anyone that's interested here's a link to the specs for my new system, it's going to be fast :biggrin:



Any advice welcome :):

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Hi, I've decided to sum up my earlier post http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47255 by asking one question:

Do corsair offer a PC3500 or faster registered memory chip? I've heard of the TWINX1024-3500RE but can't find it on the website.


Regrettably, there are currently no registered Corsair DDR or DDR2 modules faster than PC3200. The TWINX1024-3500RE was discontinued some time ago, and is no longer available. All of the current Corsair modules faster than PC3200 are unbuffered and non-ECC.

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