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Asus A8N-E won't boot with 1GB XMS3200XL


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I recently built a new PC based on an ASUS A8N-E. I'm currently running an Athlon64 3700+ (San Diego). I also purchased 2 512MB sticks of dual channel XMS3200XL. However, I am only able to run one of the sticks at a time. When I originally built the PC it worked ok with 2 sticks, in the blue slots as specified in the manual. However, it got worse and worse until now it will not POST with the 2 sticks in (I believe I get one long beep followed by 2 short beeps). I have tested both sticks with Microsoft Memtest and they both appear fine. They both work individually, and I'm currently running with just one stick. However, it is very frustrating to have forked out for this expensive low latency RAM and only to be able to use half of it.

Am I looking at a compatibility issue here, or is the motherboard likely to be at fault? I have checked the ASUS qualified vendors list, but it is unclear whether this exact memory is compatible. I was putting off sending the board back in case there was a BIOS update, but I have just updated to the latest BIOS version 1010. It booted once then failed straight away.

Would it be best to try the 2 sticks in the other slots (the black ones)? Is there anything else I could try, or has anyone else encountered this issue?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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Thanks for your response. Today I checked that I have the most up-to-date BIOS, cleared the CMOS RAM and tested with the RAM in various slots. If the slots are numbered 1 to 4, with 1 being next to the CPU, when I put a stick of RAM in:


1 : failed to POST

2 : failed to POST

3 : POSTed fine, 512MB single channel DDR400, 64-bit

4 : POSTed fine, 512MB single channel DDR400, 64-bit


1 & 2 : failed to POST

1 & 3 : failed to POST

1 & 4 : failed to POST

2 & 3 : failed to POST

2 & 4 : failed to POST

3 & 4 : POSTed fine, 1024MB single channel DDR333, 64-bit


Based on this, would you still suspect a problem with the CPU, or could there be a motherboard fault here? It almost seems that either slots 1 & 2 are faulty, or the CPU can't read them properly. As ever, any advice is greatly appreciated.





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