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Defective Corsair DDR2 512MB RAM module


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I've bought a Corsair 1 GB Value Selected DDR2 RAM kit in May/June 2005.

The system was running fine with exception of rebooting once every 2 weeks, the computer was running 24h24.

From Novemver 2005 till last week, sometimes the system didn't want to boot after rebooting or switching on.

I didn't know which hardware device was failing. It could be the Mainboard, the CPU, the graphic car or the power-supply.

After making a making some diagonistics, last night, I've found out that every thing was fine except the RAM modules.

RAM module 1 + 2 inserted --> nothing, no screen

RAM module 1 inserted --> everything fine

RAM module 2 inserted --> nothing, no screen again.

So I'm very sure the one module is defecitive.

Can you confirm this?


How shall I proceed?

I don't want to return the module to my reseller because I was very unhappy with him, concerning of delivery times of items I bought. I think that the support is as bad.

I want to request an RMA.

Do you also have an address in Europe to return the module?

What about the shipping costs?

Do I really have to return both modules? Otherwise I would have to buy another kit because I need my computer as I'm a computer science student.



Best regards,

Georges H

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