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I'm considering to buy a ASROCK 939Dual SATA2. I choose this board due to the AGP and PCIe option. I also would like to use my existing memory what is a Kit of Value Select PC3200 2x512 and get another set to make it 2GB.


I found some posts about this Mobo having memory timing issues. Those posts are a little older and this problem might be fixed ???


I emailed ASROCK support with this question and haven't heard back.


Any suggestions?

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I just want to clarify this, because I've been searching with the same exact question, and I apologize before hand for the rehash of an old thread.


I have an ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 with an AMD 64 3200+ and 1gb (2x512mb) Dual Channel Corsair ValueSelect (VS1GBKIT400) installed. I am wanting to make an upgrade to 2gb Duel Channel, and would prefer buying another 2x512 kit, because it is cheaper by half than buying all new with a 2x1gb kit.


I know in the past there was difficulty in filling up all 4 (or however many) slots. Has this issue been addressed, or will I still experience I slowdown, or even full stop if I pop in two more 512mb sticks of RAM into my motherboard?


Obviously I'd love to be able to buy the half as cheap 2x512, but I'm not going to if it isn't going to work.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance for any effort.

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