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USB connector about to fall off!!


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Hi, my flashvoyager 1gb's USB Connector is loose and i feel like it's about to fall off. i've been making backups of all my data for the past few weeks just in case, but this is getting really stressful! plus, when I put the cap on, i can feel the connector kinda clicking in, like it has already started to break. I never used my flash voyager in a bad way and always took it out safely, I doubt this could be because of pressure applied to it with another cable pluged right beside it,even tho it should usually fit.Could it be possible to get it replaced or fixed? and if so, could you tell me the usual delay, because i'm using it for a science fair project and I will probably need it around march, i'm still waiting for the official dates...


thanks you very much for your comprehension,


Marc-André Chartrand

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