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DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D corsair XMS3200C2Pro issue


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Hi there, i know this is seems to be a common problem judging from what i've read on different internet forums but problem as follows:


Just got the Ultra-d board this is replacing a ECS K1n extreme. To cut a long story short i've ended up with two different XMS3200C2Pro 512mb sticks one version 4. and the other version 1. all worked ok together on the ECS board but now together on the DFI board won't POST. Both sticks when used on thier own as singles work fine. You can only seem to use two specific DIMM sockets (2/4) on the DFI board when using two Sticks for dual setup. One DIMM socket (2) for single stick. Loaded the latest BIOS version etc, any body found a solution to this? or could the fact be that these are two different revisions with possibley slightly different timings etc it's causing problems. All CPU and memory was working fine on the ECS board so i don't see the CPU being the issue. CPU-Z did show slightly different timings on the ECS board in Windows XP.


P.S. i forgot to say i have lower spec memory (two sticks of 512mb) that work fine

when installed on the DFI board so it's not board playing up.


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