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Bad 1gig stick of Value Select.


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I bought a 1gig stick of Corsair Valuse Select about 6 months ago from newegg.com and it seems to be bad. The pc I put it in was a little unstable ever since I put the new ram in but I thought it was something else so I didn't test the ram until it started getting worse and worse. By the time I finaly took the ram out it wouldn't pass a memtest 86 test at any speed, even 266mhz, even though it's a ddr400 part. I tested it in two different pc's and it won't pass memtest or prime95 in either. I have six other sticks of 1gig Value Select in various pc's and all of them are working perfectly, it's just this one six month old stick that is giving me problems. So do I have to wait for a reply before I can get an RMA number, or how does this work?
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