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Twinx 1024 4000


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P4 2.4c

TwinX 1024 4000

Have been running modules at fsb 248 @ 3448 for some time. Had problems running at 250 fsb but have been ok at 248 (cpu will do 275+ in other mobo with old bh5 modules so it's ok.)

Lately had random reboots, checked voltages with DMM they are within specs, also heat is not an issue. Set fsb back to 200 all is ok. Raise fsb to 210 reboot. So i doubled checked bios settings manual timings 3448 auto performance mode and standard not turbo. Reboot and checked with latest cpuz and it said timings were 2.5336? SPD in cpuz 34410.

So i reflashed bios with latest from asus re set bios and still come up with 2.5336 and it will crash or reboot if i raise fsb past 210.

Also cleared cmos just now and still not able to get timings back to 3448.

Also checked timings with Sandra same 2.5 336.

Any help will be appreciated. Also i have ran these mobo, cpu combos for quiet some time so i.m familiar with bios settings. Thanks James

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