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1GB TwinX1024RE-3200LL RT


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I have had the same system for a about a year and a half now without any problems at all. BUT last night I booted up, started working, and noticed unusually crappy performance. Quick system check and realized only 512mb of ram was posting out of 1gb. Rebooted and the other 512 stick posted and everything was back to normal. Booted today and only 512 posted again, but this time I had to reboot several times to get the full 1gb to show up. This is the first time this has happened so is it a ram stick is going out or could it be something else? I havent had any unusual crashes either.


I have been thinking about uprgrading to 3gb of ram anyway so perhaps this is a sign.


Could tell me if it is ok to have two 1gb sticks and two 512 sticks at the same time. It seems the 1gb chips have a different timing than the 512, but does this matter?

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