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Flash Voyager connects as Portable Media


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I've had my 1G FV for around 6 months and I'm pretty happy with it. My only major complaint is that on my system at home the device appears in the Portable Media Devices window and not in Devices with Removable Storage. So, the thing works but not as documented in the users guide.


At work it shows up in the Removable Storage window. I run Win/XP Pro on both computers. The USB interface on both computers is 2.0. I can tell that I'm running as 2.0 device simply due to the speed of file copies, etc.


I don't have any problems with other USB devices at home (printer and mouse).


I've looked at the BIOS for the home system and there's nothing there that would affect the type of device installed. So, I'm guessing that I have something out of whack in Windows.


This is driving me nuts. I've poked around Windows to no avail. Any help/suggestions would be welcome.



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