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Bad stick of memory.....


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I put this computer together back in Feburary, and havent had any trouble out of it untill the last month or two.


It started rebooting, getting error messages, I/E started crashing etc.


First i ran AVG antiviruse, it found nothing, i ran several spyware programs, with no real problems found, then i downloaded nortan's anitviruse trial version and it found nothing. So i decided this wasnt the problem.


Recently the problems got to a point that the system would only go through a continuse loop of reboots, and just clicking on anything would lock it up, if it happend to finish rebooting so that i could do something.


So two days ago i decide to see if it might be the memory. I took out one stick of memory, samething, continouse loop of reboots, blue screen of death that goes away so fast all i can read is something about a memory dump. I replace that stick of memory and take the other out, BOOM, boots up first try and ive had no trouble out of it at all since that point, everything is stable, no lock ups, no crashes. So i guess i need to know where to go from here.

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