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NF4 SLI-DR - LDT Bus Transfer Width Question


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I recently built a new system (see sig for specs) - After installing WindowsXP Pro my system was initially very unstable - & while installing the 'AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor Driver for Windows XP' fixed the vast majority of problems I was still having problems playing games (I was testing with Quake4, B&W2 and F.E.A.R).


The games would occasionally stutter during gameplay, sometimes freeze loading levels, but otherwise always freeze after 5-10 minutes of play (F.E.A.R would freeze when altering settings)


The only way I can find to get my system to run stably is to set the 'LDT Bus Transfer Width' to 8d 8u (or 8d 16u).


I've my ram in slots 1&3

(I experience the same issues with 1GB in slot 2 - because I'm using the Gigabyte Watercooling system, I cant add a second stick to slot 3 without removing the processor cooler first)


My BIOS is running with Optimized default values, with minimal changes;

1. Hard Disk as primary Startup

2. USB Keyboard Enabled

3. USB Mouse Enabled

4. RAID 0 (SATA 3, 4)


I'm a complete noob when it comes to specifying memory settings (as in never done it before), so I've been very cautious about making any changes (especially voltage changes). I'm not looking to overclock, just optimize my system for best performance with stock settings.


Is having the 'LDT Bus Transfer Width' at 8d 16u going to give my system a performance hit?

Do I need to change any other settings to compensate and allow 16d 16u?

Does having the 'LDT Bus Transfer Width' at 8d 16u matter?

Will explicitly defining the memory settings help?


Searching here and on Google, I've been unable to find anything that helps (that isn't either an in depth article or a brief summary)


Any/All help here would be amazing!

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I’d posted the same question on DFI-Street.com who replied with two links for specifying the ram settings (outside the optimized defaults)



(Setting the 'FSB Bus Frequency' to 200, CAS =2)


Running this setup , I found the graphic card froze during the menu screen of F.E.A.R, when attempting to install Quake4, the install froze - though Windows kept running in the background, until I tried to open a session of Firefox, when the who system froze on me.



(Setting the 'FSB Bus Frequency' to 250, CAS =3)


The system ran through a continual reboot - It would get to the NVidia NRaid screen, and then restart.

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