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one bad ram nodul; 1 gbyte twinx cmx512-c2 3200pro


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i am from germany and i have some problems with your corsair-ram.

i have errors and bluescreens.

i bought 1 gbyte twinx matched memory pair ( 2 x 512mb) and have a problem this modul (cmx512-32002pro; xms3202v1.2; 0523024-1; 000059339) the other works fine. i tested both with memtest 86+ one passed the test and the other one failed it. so now i am using only the modul that passed the test and my computer works fine but i have only 512mb and this sucks.


my main pc has a epox 8rda+ (nforce 2 chipset, newest bios); athlon 2600+; radeon 9800pro



i tested many latency and vdim setting, plz believe me other settings will change nothing always the same moduls fails the test and causes errors.




first i thought my other componets caused the errors so i tested both moduls on an old ga-7vtx-p and i had the same result: the modul that had passed before passed again and the modul that failed, failed again i had also the same errors and bluescreens in windows with the modul that did not pass the test. i think there is only one way --> change this modul.


plz help me timo neubert

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now i am using the 512 modul that works fine with standard settings:


system performance optimal

cpu clock ratio dafault

fsb 200 mhz

memory frequenzy by spd

memory timings optimal

t ras 8

t rcd 3

t rp 3

cas latency 2.5

vdim auto (at the moment 2.75 volt)


cpu voltage default


agp voltage 1.6


with this standard setting one modul works but the other does not work.

i testet many setting also cl2 and cl 3 settings and several vdim settings. i think it is not possible that one modul works with most of the setting and the other works with no one and together they cause the same errors.


i think it is no problem that you can solve with different settings.

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