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Corsair memory and the new Asus A8R-MVP board


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I have ordered the new Asus A8R-MVP Crossfire motherboard. Corsair has no memory listed as compatible with this board (probably because it's so new). Anyway, I already have 2GB of Corsair TWINX-3200C2PT memory and am wondering if I there is any reason to expect problems with this memory/mobo combination.


I know I'll find out for certain when I get all the parts and get the system built; I'm just trying to take a proactive approach and prepare myself for any potential issues.



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Thanks for info Ram Guy


As a follow up to my question.......


My system is now built, has been running for a little over a week with the TWINX memory and is stable with just a little OC (20%). This was the first time I have used Corsair memory and I am completely happy with it.

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