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Bad Dimm from dual channel PC2-5400 kit


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I think (i'm actually almost 100% sure) I have a bad DIMM.


I've bought a new puter: P4 650 - Asus P5WD2 premium - Asus en7800GTX and TWIN2X1024-5400C4 XMS2-5400 1024MB 4-4-4-12 2x240 DIMM Black XMS2 memory.


When I install the second DIMM in my motherboard, my system doesn't POST.

Or when it does go through its post, I can't install XP, the machine crashes and doesn't respond anymore during the installation.


When I disable the QuickBoot feature - and when the BIOS test the memory more thoroughly - The memory test hangs always at 768MB ...


When I install just the first DIMM - I have only 512MB ram then - I can install XP (64bit as well as 32bit), play Quake4, even run a 3DMark05 without problems.


So ... I have to conclude that I have a defective part.


Should I send the both DIMMs? (because I want to use them in a Dualchannel setup) OR just one?

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I went to my local PC shop yesterday, and they were happy to replace the kit for me! My system is up and running now....


I have another question though ... Yesterday I visited a part of the website of Corsair, where you could select your type of memory from a drop down box, and it would display thge correct timings and voltage ... Can you point me in that direction?

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