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I've got a bad memory stick, how do I get an RMA?


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2 weeks ago I turned on my computer and got the blue screen of death. I took one of the Corsair sticks out, and the thing turned on fine. Moved stick A to the other RAM port, thing worked fine. Put stick B into port 1, blue screen of death. Took out ram stick A, blue screen of death. Switched stick B to port 2, blue screen of death.

I've installed the memory sticks in every configuration possible, and every time ram stick B is in there, I get the blue screen of death. Every time it's out, the system runs fine.

I bought this memory brand new, and these ram sticks worked fine since July, all of the sudden this one crapped out. How can I get an RMA to send it back in? What does RMA stand for?

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