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I think my memory went bad....


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My Corsair XMS TWINX1024-3200XL 1GB (2 x 512) has slowly been going bad over the past four months. It all started with a few reboots every now and again. Now my computer won't even get past the Windows loading screen with out giving me a blue screen of death, with the blue screen telling me to check any new hardware installed. I tested every single part in my computer one @ a time saving my RAM for last. I put a 512MB stick of kingston value RAM in and my computer worked fine. I tried every thing from changing the voltage going to the Corsair to messing with the timings. I had been doing some OCing, taking my P4 2.6C to speeds of 3.25GHZ. I even toned down the OCing and stopped it all together for a while and set my BIOS settings back to defaults several times and nothing seems to work. I think I slow roasted my RAM! LOL! Should I get it ready to send back! Thanks!
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