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failed MEMTEST PC4400 TCCD


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been having some issues with a new rig i`ve recently purchased.


this TWINX1024-4400C25PT i`ve had for about a year now, been in MSI neo2, DFI SLI-DR, SN25P shuttle and now an Asus A8N-SLI premium with latest 1009 official bios, which is where i`m having problems.


running sub 270fsb on ram gives me a stable rig. if i try for the stock speed of 275mhz, with stock timings and 2.75v i get a pretty instable rig.

running memtest v3.2 it will produce 70 test5 errors running the following ram setup:

RAM mhz: 275 (DDR550)

cas: 2.5

RAS: 8

RCD: 4

RP: 4

TRC: 12

TRFC: 14


TWR: 3

command rate: 1T


CPU running 275x8 stock volts - 2.2ghz which is stock speed for this 3700+.


like i say, ram will pass fine on the same timings running the next divider down at 220mhz.


i think instead of crying WOLF i wanna check on the timings first as this is the 1st time the ram has given me any sort of issue at all.


thanks for any help guys :)

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righty, all are run on the same 1:1, stock timing CPU:RAM setup..

ds = dual stick, ss = single stick


DS 270htt, 1T - stable (8x multi)

DS 275htt, 1T - unstable. 2T stable (8x multi)

SS 275htt, 1t - stable using both sticks (8x multi)

DS 300htt, 2t - stable (8x multi)


obviously the 300x8 is the highest CPU clock, and it's running 100% stable in that condition, so i cant see it being the cpu unless it's an issue with the mem controller.


another thing i did was to swap DIMM slots i was using. from dimm1+3 to dimm2+4. same issue running 275 on 1t.


where does one stand on CPU RMA, running the same 2.2ghz as the chip comes from factory, but a higher htt speed?


thanks for the quick replys too :)


edit: using CPUz for the info, it's the A64 3700+ san diego 2.2ghz chip (which i already knew...s'why i bought it) revision SH-E4. purchased around 3months ago and iirc around week 20, 2005.

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