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Compatibility of Memory Problem - HELP pls


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I have recently purchased laptop HP Pavilion ZE2308 with Mobile AMD Sempron 2800+ processor (socket 754) with FSB 199.0 MHz. This laptop is based around ATI Radeon Mobility Xpress 200M chipset with southbridge ATI SB400. It came with one 256MB module PC2700 (166 MHz 2.5-3-3-7) from MOSEL. Therefore I have bought another 512 MB module PC2700 from Corsair

VS512SDS333 (166 Mhz 2.5-3-3-7). From the time I have added it in, I started to have intermittent problems of not be able to start laptop at all, or it would give me STOP ERRROR blue screen before it would be able to load WinXP Home. I have tried to change position of these two memory modules or remove the original MOSEL memory module, and I still had this problem. When the computer boots up and load WinXP, all is fine but problem is that I can not make it boot in many occasions or with the STOP Error blue screen only. When I remove Corsair module and use the original 256 MB module only, I do not encount such 'strange' behaviors. I have installed latest drivers from HP website, updated the WinXP, as well as the BIOS (latest F.13 from November 2005). I said 'strange' because if I can boot up and use the MemTest86+ v 1.65, the standard test tested both memories with not prob. So at this point I am not sure if its just incompatibility between Corsair VS512SDS333 or is has a problem.


The settings for Memory found through CPU-Z program are:

FSB=199.0 Mhz

Memory Frequency: 159.2 Mhz

CAS Latency: 2.5

RAS# to CAS# Delay: 3

RAS# Precharge: 3

Cycle Time: 7

Bank Cycle Time: 10

Dram Idle Timer: 16

Both memory modules shows same SPD Timings Table.


Note: I see that FSB and memory frequency are not same, but in BIOS there is not any option to change frequencies, memory settings, nor voltages so I assume if it works for 256 MB module alone it should be OK for both of them as well.


Thank you for any advice or help.



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Hello and thanks for reply. I did not know that ValueSelect may have such compatibility issues, if that's the problem. When I checked it out, all I could read from it was that "it has guaranteed compatibility with all major motherboards, exacting design, qualification adn testing." And because HP is major manufacturer of laptops, I believed it would work. Again, if the problem described in my original post is due to incompatibility, what are my options?

Thx again.


Note: I am not sure yet if its just incompatibility issue or bad memory.

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  • Corsair Employee
Please try our module by it self and then please test it with http://www.memtest.org to be sure its not failing. For most OEM systems we would suggest our System Select to ensure proper performance, but Value Select should run but you may not be able to mix it with the memory that came with your system. But test it to be sure.
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