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1GB Flash Voyager 'Write Protected'!


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a couple of weeks ago my memory stick started saying that it was 'write protected' and wouldnt save or delete certain files. as most other usb sticks have a little switch to turn this function on and off i searched but could not find one. i took it to my university IT helpdesk and they believe that its broken! i have tried organising a replacement through dabs.com (where i bought it) but ive had problems getting it picked up and im frankly fed up with dealing with them. would it be best to deal with you directly? they said it would take them between 4 and 6 weeks to replace, will you be any quicker as that is a very long time to be without my usb. would i have to get insurance to mail it back to you as i am in the UK? HELP!!! I JUST WANT A MEMORY SICK THAT WORKS!!!:eek:
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