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One of my CMX512 can't post


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I have a pair of CMX512-3500C2 with my P4C800-DLX,they work great for a long time.

But yesterday my MB can't post,the speaker gave me "BE~~~BE~BE~".Finally I found the problem:If one of my ram in the dimm slot(i tested it in all the 4 slots),the MB can't post.But another ram can works as normal.

Today i tested the "no-post-ram" in another MB Asrock 845GV,and got the same problem:no post,"BE~~~BE~BE~". In every dimm slot I had the same result.


Here is the picture of my rams,the "no-post-ram" is the second one.



Thank you for any help and forgive my poor English.:[pouts:

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