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Lockup problems running at 800fsb/667ddr2


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Hi, hope this is the right forum, apologies if not.

I recently built a new PC :

MSI P4N Diamond MB

PNY Gforce 6800 GT / 256 mgs ram

200 gig SATA HD

Dual Core 3.0 INTEL (830) 775 chipset processor

Antec 480 power supply


with this I purchased (2) of the VS1GBKIT667D2 ram kits.


The problem I'm having is this is supposed to be a 800FSB MB that's capable of running 667 ram, yet with those settings the PC will not boot. I had to turn it down to 667FSB with 400 speed ram to even be able to get XP installed without it hard locking. Is this right? I ran a Windows Memtest and everything checked fine. Read in another thread where you posted (I think) that 667 ram should actually read as 333.3 or something.

I still get random Hard Locks while playing World of Warcraft but I think the last patch they did hosed it for a lot of people.

Should I set the ram speed down to 333? Should I still have the FSB at 800? Very new to the whole 'build your own' pc stuff so any help would be appreciated.



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