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ABIT POST code 04 - possible memory problem?


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My PC has been working fine since about august when I installed the MB CPU RAM and new video card

its running WIN XP Pro x64

last night it froze and was unresponsive

i rebooted only to find that it would not boot at all

the MB POST error said 04 (which is not in their manual as far as I can see)

it seems from other posts on this and other forums that this indicates a memory problem normally.


I have removed the ram, done the normal reset cmos things, completely unplugged the PSU and removed cmos battery

tried only one stick of the matched pair of CMX512-3200c2pt

and no joy.


I have not yet managed to get the thing to boot again.

one thing to note - I did have problems with the MB at the start, in that I was unable to get it to boot from Floppy when I wanted to update the bios.

I think i eventually did this from a boot CD but can't remember the bios version sorry.


I will try some other ram in the mb soon an report back, but in the mean time

any suggestions would be great

I will also try the CMX ram in another mb to see how things go.


MB ABIT an8 ultra

CPU AMD athlon 64 3000

RAM Corsair CMX512-3200c2pt - 2 matched pairs of 512mb

Video Card - radeon thingy .. will get number

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