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Hi (sry my engl. is not so good);):


one week ago i bought a new MB Gigabyte K8NSC-939 nForce3 250GB with AMD Athlon64 3000+ Venice. With my Corsair Ram i didn`t get into Bios @ Dualchannel. I testet the ram in Singlechannel, with one i get into Bios with the other not. Now i put the Voltage on +0,2 but it failed. Only the settings 2-3-3-11-1T is good to get into Bios with Dualchannel, but the performance from my system is bad. Sometimes windows shut up and reboot and sometimes the system hang up at bootscreen. I ran MemTest but the system crashes at 10-20% of test. I tested the Ram into another system with the same failure.

What can i do now to get my sytem run? The Power comes from an BeQuiet P4 400W, but i think that isn`t the prob.

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