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Bad Memory Module (boot failure, horrible memtest)


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I've got a 1GB stick of Corsair ValueSelect RAM here that when inserted into a computer results in sufficient memory corruption to prevent successful booting. I've had intermittent stability problems since construction of the system with this stick of RAM, worsening over time. I've tried memory testing software (Memtest86+ v1.55.1) on a few platforms with both standard and relaxed BIOS settings with consistent and complete data failure -- I forget the hex address but it was around 151.6MB or so. The sticker on the chip lists two numbers, presumably a model and a serial:




The RAM was purchased July of this year (2005).


I have a system crippled at the moment until I can figure out what's going on with this stick; any help would be appreciated.

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Also, a quick look around suggests a few more pieces of data I should include.


It's an Athlon64 3400+ system (2.2GHz) on an ASUS K8V-X VIA K8T800 board. The 1GB stick is the only stick in the system, there is no onboard RAM, FSB is running at standard and the RAM is clocking at DDR400 (PC3200). Other RAM works fine at a variety of settings and the Corsair RAM fails consistently.

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