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new 2gb 133x SD reports 1.8gb before format


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Good Morning,

Just received my 2gb 133x SD chip, when I put it in my chip reader to copy some music to it to put in my Dell Axim, I went into Disk Manage to format it and even before I did anything it was only reporting 1.80gb. What gives ? it's reporting 2,000,000,000 bytes raw space, isn't 2gb of RAM supposed to be roughly 2,048,000,000 ??


I know the harddrive industry enjoys ripping off customers by calling a gig 1,000,000 bytes which frankly is bull and we all know it. But I thought RAM was RAM and always obeyed the 2^x rules for accurate size, is this no longer true ?


If this is the case, I will be promptly returning these chips and not bothering to use my pda as an mp3 player.

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My problem is the chip is only reporting 2,001,895,424 bytes available, not a true 2gb (2,147,483,648) so where is the other 146mb ?


On a server, when I make a 36gb partition on an array, I use the number of 36,864mb so that I get Disk Manager to show "36gb" So that means i have a 36gb disk. Format will obviously use up some space after that.


This chip is only showing up as 1.86gb (sorry, not 1.80 as I stated earlier) in Disk Manager, so it's not a 2gb chip by .14gb ? That's a lot of data to "miss" when i'm trying to store music and documents and ebooks.


When a PC boots up with 1gb of ram, it counts to 1024mb RAM, not 960mb or some false amount.


I understand your statement on the filesystem using some of the space, but the chip itself isn't even showing up as 2gb of raw digital space.


I'm going to return this chip as faulty, not living up to stated storage as advertised. The box makes no disclaimer that space available might not be 2 gigabytes.

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