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Corrupt Ram Module


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I have the following setup:


Abit IS7 Motherboard

2 x CMX512-3200C2 512MB Ram modules (I ordered them seperately)

Intel Pentium 4 2.8c Ghz

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro


I've had the RAM modules for about a year and a half, and they've worked wonderfully until lately; however, upon booting my computer the other night, I got a message stating something like (the actual wording escapes me) "..windows\config\system could not be loaded, as it is either missing or corrupt. You can attempt to repair the installation through Windows Recovery..."


At that point, I attempted to boot using the Windows XP CD in an attempt to repair the installation; however, I recieved an error message stating that a certain file could not be loaded, and 'error code 4' and I was unable to advance further in the Windows XP Setup procedure. I tried swapping the RAM modules around, and was able to get a bit further into the process, but then got a blue screen of death, stating a message along the lines of "000000x15 could not be referenced" (again, the verbatim wording escapes me)


I then removed one of the RAM modules, and was able to complete the Windows Console Recovery/Repair process, and boot up normally. After repairing the windows xp installation, I attempted to replace the RAM module to see if Windows would boot up again. After booting, I got the same "...windows\config\system is corrupt.." message. I also tried placing the modules in various combinations of DIMM slots, and still got the same error.


As my one year warranty with newegg has expired, I checked Corsair's customer support page, where I read about the Memtest 86+. I made a bootable floppy disk, and shut the computer down to replace the RAM module in order to test it. This time, however, the computer would not even POST with the corrupt RAM module installed.


Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated; or if I need to send in the corrupt module, that'd be fine as well. (Question regarding the RMA form - there is a line for the serial number on the form - my module has a heat spreader, and while the XMS and LOT Code are both on the module, I cannot find the serial number; though in the reference picture, there does not appear to be a serial number either - where can I find this?)


Thanks in advance,


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