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1gb of CMX512-4400C25PT (2 sticks)


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I have the above memory, with silver heatspreaders. Lot number from box is 0529083--7. Have experienced problems with this memory on multiple motherboards. Symptoms include


- Wont post at default voltage (ie following a reset of bios on NF4, NF3, ULI1695 mobos I have to use different ram, raise the vcore sufficiently (2.9), then put the corsair back in. It will then post.


- Multiple memtest errors, particularly at higher FSBs. Again this is on DFI NF4, Asrock Sata2, Neo 2 Plat.


I have tried various timings, obviously the standard 2.5,4,4,8 and have also used many templates from dfi-street in an attempt to get this working. Also tried multiple BIOS, and both sets of slots.


Require RMA Please. I am in the UK.

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