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TWINX512-3200XL pair fail MemTest86


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I've just completed the assembly of the 4th in a series of identically configured pc's. (See the bottom of this post for configuration spec's.) Upon testing, MemTest86 flagged errors on a matched pair of DIMM's from a TWINX512-3200XL package. The Corsair LOT number is 0522123-1.


The other 3 pc's with identical parts and BIOS configurations have been working perfectly for the last 2 months. The motherboard temp during the all of the tests was approximately 26-27 deg C.



The testing process was as follows:


First, I powered up the pc and configured the BIOS settings, then I ran MemTest86. After a few minutes, MemTest86 flagged some errors in the 700MB (upper channel) range.


Next, I removed the pair of DIMM's from the upper channel sockets and ran MemTest86 again. No errors this time.


Then, I removed the pair of DIMM's from the lower channel sockets and installed the failed pair of DIMM's from the upper channel into the lower channel sockets. Upon running MemTest86, the same errors appeared, except that this time they were in the 128-256MB (lower channel) range.


(See the attached image, "Mem errs 2.jpg", for a screen-shot from MemTest86. Sorry about the poor image quality - I had to use my camera-phone to take the photo.)


Finally, I removed the faulty pair of DIMM's and installed the good pair, along with another pair of DIMM's from a fresh TWINX512-3200XL package, to bring the total back up to the original 1GB. Ran MemTest86 for several hours. No errors found.


I would like to return the faulty pair of DIMM's for warranty replacement.






--PC Configuration--


Asus, P4R800-V Deluxe, BIOS rev1009 ver0902 build date 04/26/05


Intel, Pentium 4 3.4E, 3.4GHz, Socket478, Prescott, FSB 800MHz, Hyper-Threading, Retail Box w/Fan


1 GB, 4 sticks of 256 MByte Corsair TwinX XMS3200, LOT# 0522123-1 (from 2 pkgs of TWINX512-3200XL)

Video Card:

ATI, RADEON 9100 IGP (integrated into motherboard)

Hard Drive:

Western Digital, WD800JB, Special Edition, 80GB, Parallel ATA, 7200rpm, 8mb Cache

Optical Drive:

Lite-On, CD-ROM, LTN486 48x Max

Power Supply:

PC Power & Cooling, Turbo-Cool 510 SLI


ICS Advent, 19" 4-U rack-mount with two 120mm fans


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