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2GB SD problem


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I have just purchased a Corsair 2GB SD flash media card (CMFSD133-2GB) for use in my IPAQ 3850 PDA.


I also bought a DANE-LEC PCMCIA 5in1 adapter with which to populate the card with data from my laptops.


I have tried this combination in 3 different laptops & whenever read or write operations are attempted to the card the laptops lock up. Test file transfer size of 20MB


I have attempted the same operations, using the same PCMCIA adapter with a 256MB XXXXXXXXX SD card operations on all 3 laptops are fine.


I am also able to copy data to the 2GB card (& read from it) when it is inserted directly in the PDA slot from a compact flash card in the HP IPAQ CF sleeve (Pocket PC 2003 OS)


It would therefore seem that there is a compatibility problem with the size of the 2GB card or its speed rating with either the PCMCIA adapter or the OS\PCMCIA slot on the laptops themselves.



Please can you advise if there are any known compatibility issues with this card and if you can recommend an SD adapter (preferably PCMCIA, but USB if not) that is known to work with the 2GB card?


Laptops used are:



Fujitsu Lifebook S6120

Dell Latitude C600


Many thanks



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