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MSI Neo2 nF3 Platinum 250GB and correct RAM


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I have just installed this MSI motherboard and a Venice Core +3500 and was hoping for some significant OC'ing gains but this board and RAM combination won't clock up to anywhere near the 275x9 that I was stable at with the Abit AV8 board and +3000 Winchester I replaced.The best it will do is 228x11 with the max 1.65v Vcore and 2.80Vdimm offered by this board. Please check my sig for current equipment roster. I tempoarily replaced the Corsair RAM with some O*Z PC4200EL v.1.0 and found some improvement. Any suggestions?
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Memory labels as follows CMX512-4400C25, XMS4404v1.1,0510040-4

XMS4400 512MB 550MHz

BIOS RAM settings as follows-1t, with all of the other BIOS high performance settings set to either Disabled or Manual .

HTT set to 238x11 (I've tried using the 10x mulyiplier and raising the HTT but the machine fails to boot over 228x11 with the MAX Vcore (1.65V) and the Vdimm at (2.80v). I am so disgusted with this board after hearing so many good things about the nF3 boards over the K8T800 Pro boards like the Abit AV8 which I replaced with this board. I could get it stable to 275x9 with the +3000 Winchester I was using.I am about ready to go back to it. To get up to at least 238x11 with this +3500 Venice and motherboard I had to borrow some O*Z PC 4200 EL (2X256). Any good ideas as to which RAM, BIOS, Settings and voltages would be a great help

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I think you missing the point!

The issue you have described is not about the make of the modules, but the density of the modules and just to test you might try with just one of our modules and see if you get close to the same results. Because of loading on the memory controller and CPU when you have more ranks the system will not over clock as much. All 512 Meg modules are double ranked and most if not all 256 Meg modules are single rank. This being the case it would not matter what the make of the module you use but the density and the CPU and MB you have will be the determining factor. So then the options are as follows.

1. Run the modules at a lower frequency like at Cas 3-3-3-8

2. Use another CPU and or MB that has more headroom to over clock with double sided modules.

3. Find another use for these modules and get Twinx1024-3200XL for better memory performance.

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According to Corsair's web site, under a search for this specific motherboard these modules I have are listed as-

Best Overclocking:

TWINX1024-4400C25 / DDR-550 (XMS-4400C25) / 2.5-4-4-8.


Would this model (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=6818688411&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT)

or some of the regular LL model XMS or XMS Pro would work as well as the TwinX 3200XL you suggested? Do they have to be configured as (2x256) or will (2x512) work as well?

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