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TWINX1024-4000 and TWINX1024-4000PT


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I currently own a pair of TWINX1024-4000 and I am looking to upgrade to 2 gigs of ram. I bought my ram with my computer back in August 2004. Currently I only see the websites selling now the TWINX1024-4000PT version of this RAM. Will I be able to run the TWINX1024-4000 and the TWINX1024-4000PT together? Or do I have to find somewhere the TWINX1024-4000 edition, because I cant find it anymore?


Also, is it just me or can these 4 ram chips fit even next to each other? I am looking at the slots and what I have in there and in looks like they wont even have room next to each other because of the heat plates on them. I would guess that they would fit but would I need to put a fan on the RAM to prevent overheating since they are so close together now?


My biggest concern is the compatibility currently though becuase I cant find the version (black plated) that I have anymore :(

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Can you tell me the make and model of your MB, and the CPU speed and its FSB? And if you add to what you have now you should match the modules part# and revision for best performance, or just find another use for them and get one Twinx2048-3500LLPro modules for best performance.


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