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Installation of new RAM breaks all my system


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My PC :

AMD XP+ 1800


MB Abit KR7A

Graphic card GeForce 4200

Hard Drive 80 Gb

SDRAM DDR PC2100 2x256 MB (noname)


I have just installed a new Ram : Corsair PC2100 DDR 512 Mb

This is declared as compatible with my MB on corsair web site


But, it does not work : automatic reboot, after few seconds or few clicks, modem is not available (switched off), error messages, message asking to select between "normal Windows start" or "use last good configuration" (both give same problems)


When entering in the Setup, I can see :

Base memory : 640K

Extended Memory : 1047552K

So the installed RAM was detected


After trying several login (all ending by a manual or automatic reboot), i desinstalled the new RAM ... and all works properly !

But I need ths additional RAM (for videos)


Please, HELP me : welcome to any idea

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I can't find all requested information.


The only information, I have is VS512MB266


On the label, there is also this number:

817 - 0539077 - 0 - 568746


On the chip itself, there are:

- 38M8BBB

- PS 1100540


In the middle of the module, there are:


- E186014

- 94V-0


In a corner of the module, there is also this: D68001H


That's it


Thanks for all

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I have 2x286MB modules:

- Spectek

- P32M648HHC-75A

- PC2100 DDR

- S80032VMCTW (on each chip)


At first time, I added the new Corsair 512MB module to my existing config, that means 3 slots (out of 4) were used.


I don't know exactly if I have to install new module by pair ?

It seems no...

Now, I'm currently running with only the new 512MB module: after few minutes, it seems to work, but the 2*256MB modules have been worked also.


So, is it a problem of compatibility ?

If yes, what is it possible to do ?

Would it be possible to do some modifications within the BIOS to take into account this specific configuration ?


Do you have a BIG Idea ?

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