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ZNF3-150 using 3X DDR500 PC4000 PRO


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First off I am posting in a new thread because every other one that is close to my problem is for the most part inactive. I have read trough just about everything pertaining to ZNF3-150 and PC4000 Pro but the solution has eluded me.


Here is my story:

I have had Chaintech's ZNF3-150 since March of 04 and in that board I am using V 1.2 TiwnX PC4000 DDR500 PRO memory. After BIOS upgrades I got the machine to POST and been running smooth or so I thought until now.


I had been running things at default bios settings with little problems.

But when BF2 came out I realized I needed to juice up my Video card and with that I decided to also purchase another single stick of PC4000 Pro giving me 1.5G PC4000 Pro.


When I put the 3rd module into the machine it would not POST. I tried various pairings and positions until I used one of the v1.2 twinx and the new module v3.2 in slots 1 & 2. and behold the machince posted. Since the machince was running I figured I would juice things up in the bios aswell. I reached 225Mhz 2.8V 1T. and the machince posted and ran the best I have even seen.


Unfortuanley I had 160 + dollars of memory on my desk not being used.

So, I called Tech Suppport at Corsair (Your customer support is the best Customer service I have ever recieved) I talked with Trien (I think) He had me run memtest86 and it showed failings with the old memory. I tried each stick at default settings from each slot 1,2,& 3. memtest returned hundreds of errors when using 1 of the old modules from slosts 2 and 3. The other old module returned errors from only slot 3. Both returned no errors from slot 1. The new module didn't return any errors from any slot.


We decided to RMA the old twin x back for V3.2 (Gorgette in the RMA dept thank you very much for your help) I get the new memory and put all three in my machine and BAM!!! Its not posting!!!! I ran memtest again with all 3 sticks in each slot separetly this tme they all returned errrors at different passes during different tests in every slot.


Fed up with everything and being the weekend I brought my 3 PC4000 modules to my friends place & plugged them into his board and they run beuatifully tested beuatifully.


Where do I go from here? Chaintech support needs to take a lesson from you guys as I don't get any response from there support department.

Any advice?

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You were right, On the overloading of the memory controller. After weeks of email pounding. I finally heard back from Chaintech this is what they told me:


A 3rd double sided memory module is not possible to run due to cpu limitation on the memory controller in the cpu.

If you would like to use all 3 memory sticks, you will need 1 double sided memory on the first slot and 2 single sided memory on the last 2 slots.


Chaintech Support


So I pose another couple of questions to you if you don't mind....

If I wanted to add more memory to my system which would be the best route?


I See two options


Option 1:

If I wanted to start new(Meaning new Motherboard 939 Socket & 939 Processor, PCI Express Video Card etcetera) so I could use more than 2 double sided modules as Chaintech described above. Would my best choice be to get another pair of twinx 512's like the ones I have? Or do I sell the pair I have and buy someother memory module to use? If so what would be best?


Option 2:

Keep my motherboard/processor setup and sell the pair I have and buy someother memory module to use? If so what would be best?


Which option would you go with?? If you bought new what would be the best AMD Board/Processor setup in your eyes????


I thank you so much for your time!

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All modules can be made using both ranks on one module thus allowing you to use lower cost IC's and some MB/Chipsets will not see the higher density IC's that you would need to use to make a single ranked 1.0 Gig module. The cost of a IC like this at this time would make the module 2-3 times the currant price.
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I understand the logic behind what you say. Cheeper is always better as it alows the average (Joe Blow) to get their hands on your products. Thanks for the info.


Now... to pile it all the info I recieved from you into my own words:

And assuming if I were to purchase the ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe.


I could assume:

A system running the 2 Pairs of twinX (4X512MB) PC4000 would result in a much slower or perhaps inoperable system. Over a system running 1 set of the new CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 433 (PC 3500).


Am I understanding you correctly????


Again I thank you for your time and knowledge!

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