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problem with a new xms 3200c2pt module


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Hi everyone, I please need help with these!


I currently bought a third stick of corsair xms 3200c2pt memory module and added it up to my currently two modules (same brand and models, except that the other two are twinnx) my first modules always worked with the specified settings by corsair 400ddr 2-3-3-6, the thing is that when I added the third corsair module the computer wouldn't let me run the memory at ddr400. I let me do it at ddr333. I tried everything, I manually set the timings the speed, the voltage.... (I have an Athlon64 3000 oc to 2.3ghz with a decent cooling solution, so heat has never been a problem before) everything and everytime I change (if oc) the speed of the memory manually I receive a message saying that there is a file from windows which is missing or defective and it asks me to run the rapair utility by running my original copy of windows Xp pro. Then if the cmputer is oc and I set the speed to 166 instead of 200 the computer runs fine except that is running at 2700 instead of 3200. I don't know what to do. By the way my mobo is a gigabyte k8ns-pro (socket 754).

Thank you very much and I would really appreciate all the help you guys could provide me with.


I have also tried automatic settings and the computer detects 166 speeds and not 200, then again if the computer is oc and if change the settings to 200 thats when I get the messege and the computer won't start.


Before I added that third stick I had the computer oc to 2.3ghz and the memory set to 200mhz (ddr400) and everything sun smooth without a single problem.

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My motherboard is a gigabyte k8ns-pro, currently I have a gig of Ram (2x512mb of xms corsair c2pt), a week ago I decided to get another 512mb extra (same kind, same speed, even same revision (5.1) but when I stick the the new module it won't let me set up the speed to 400, instead it runs at 333.

You said that with this kind of motherboard is normal and that it would run at 333.


Before I send the memory back for a refund (newegg) I would like to know if it would be better to have 1.5gb running at 333 or keep the gig I already had running at 400. If there is a big difference in performance (I do a lot of gaming) then I would return the module back othetwise I would keep the 1.5 gigs running at 333.


Thank you very much.

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