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Memory problems?


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Ok, so in May I bought a set of TWINX CMX512-3200C2PT. I had a little trouble with them at first, but I'm very reluctant to send anything back becuase I'd be without a computer for a week, and the trouble stopped after fooling with them a bit. Now, just recently I had been having MAJOR problems with my comp. I reformatted, and still had major problems, so I bought a new HDD. Once I hooked it up, most of the problems stopped. Once most of my problems had stopped, I started having problems with games shutting down on me, or computer rebooting during games. Games such as Counter Strike: Source, Sim City 4, Mafia, Guild Wars. The computer would reboot, and upon booting back up I'd get a message saying "Windows recovered from serious error"...blah blah blah, and had something to do with sysdata.xml and minidump something or other. I went searching, found something about memtest86. Downloaded and tested with BOTH sticks of RAM in, and got a few errors. I haven't used the computer much since then, but I just ran Memtest86 last night for EACH stick, 4 hours and 6 hours, and got no errors for either. I read somewhere else on this forum that if you get no errors for individual sticks, but get errors when both sticks are tested at same time, that it could be a compatibility issue. I checked the compatibility chart, and my ABIT IC7-G Mobo is compatible with the CMX512-3200C2PT. I also read somewhere to download the latest drivers for your video card. I already had the latest Catalyst drivers, 5.8, I believe. I even reinstalled them properly, and still am having these problems. I dont know if it's a memory issue or not, but Whenever I try to run Guild Wars, Mafia, Sim City 4, or CS:S, the game will close out or I'll get a blue screen, and I'M SO TIRED OF IT. Any idea what it could be?


Oh, I also have NOT overclocked, and set my DIMM voltage to 2.7 with my CAS at 2.5-3-3-8, then I tried with 2-3-3-6...problems with both settings.

I've also taken the side of my case off and tried but no go.


And latest drivers for all the following:


ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB

Intel P4 3.0Ghz (?)Mhz FSB

160GB Western Digital 7200RPM

2 512MB Corsair TWINX XMS (CMX512-3200C2PT)

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Getting errors with both modules might suggest some other problem, in addition, the Video card you have suggests at least a 400 Watt PSU, and looking at your systemspec you may not have a big enough PSU for your configuration.

You can use a utility like this one PSU Calculator Or try to calculate it manually by adding all of the devices in your system to get the max power needed and you usually want to add about 10%. Taken from http://www.houseofmobos.com.

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