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RAM has kicked the bucket?


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Well after a long time of fault-free service my Corsair ram has apparently bit the dust.


It is a Value Select 512mb PC133 module (Model # VS512MB133-024819) which I have owned for a good amount of time now.


I first noted problems with the memory back in December when I installed Half-Life 2. The game would run for a few minutes and would then lock-solid. I didn't really know what it was so I first updated all relevant drivers and the problem persisted. The problem I found had then spread to tasks other than HL2, for example my computer would randomly lock-up in windows which it had never done before.


I then started diagnosing hardware. I mix and matched my sticks of ram until I found a combination in which my computer did not lock up in any circumstance. The working combination did not include my Corsair ram, so I pretty much knew at that point what was going on.


I then ran memtest86 on all the ram I currently had in the system and found no errors. I then swapped in my corsair ram only and ran the test again and found a LOT of errors.


After this I just placed my ram in the packaging I still had for it and it sat on my desk for many months. So now I am finally getting around to see if I can get this ram replaced, it says lifetime warranty on the packaging so I figured I'd give it a shot.


From my understanding I need to complete an RMA request form, and in order to do that I need proof of contacting technical support through these forums. Any help in this matter would be very greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time,


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