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(2x CMXP512-3200XL) fail?


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Ok here's the story. When i first switched my memory sticks, quite a few months ago, i replaced the old slow sticks of XXXX (2x 512) with this brand new sexy corsair i bought. instantly problems arose, my pc started to freeze left and right, i couldnt get my pc to run properly, after two minutes of running everything would lock up. so... what did i do? i added one of my old sticks of XXXX next to that sexy corsair. all of a sudden my pc is runnig fine. the corsair says its running in the 160's MHz but as long as the pc runs i'm fine.


i left it like that for a while. recently i have heard that having the stick of XXXX in there was reducing the performance of my pc. i'v been having problems in bf2 whenever i get into an area where there is heavy combat my screen will start to freeze. i was told this might be because of bad memory. so. i decided i'd finally put the memory to the test. i removed the stick of XXXX, booted up the pc, no freezing issues with the OS as there were last time, but in bf2 starting the game as i always do, there is MASSIVE fps loss, i'm getting like 2 fps. :mad: ok, so now i shut down switch the sticks with my old XXXX ram, bf2 runs fine. running at a decent fps with no problems. (minus the twitch here and there that i was told was because of my slow ram) i have yet to use memtest on them. (i have no floppy drive and need to run out and get cds) Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.


tl;dr: i think the ram is bad, how do i get a replacement.

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