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Question About New ICUE LINK BETA FW v2.3.427

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I have a 7000D airflow case. I have the H170I LCD Link AIO, 9 QX 120m fans. 

My set up with my QX 120m fans is, 4 font, 4 side, 1 as an exhaust. 

Now with the AIO no issue on setting it up with the 1 exhaust fan, all those devices will go into 1 input on the link hub. 


Now with the 8 QX fans how would I set it those up, so they all would connect to the other input on the link hub?


The way I have tried is by connecting all 8 QX fans with 1 long link cable, routed on the bottom of the inputs of the front and side fans.


On top of the side fans I connected 1 other long link cable to go to the empty input on ther link hub. 


I figured this would be the way to connect them, there are no instructions on how to do this on the Beta page?


Well this kind of worked, the fans have power and they spin but no RGB and ICUE would not see the 8 front and side fans? 


I unistalled ICUE, using the Corsair method, installed ICUE and still ICUE will not pick up the 8 fans, the AIO works no issues? 


Anybody else having issues like this with this new beta fw, or kind of have my same set-up?


Thanks in advance. 



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It's really hard to write those instructions. You have to keep it small and there are just so many options that you could go with that it's impossible to cover them all.

It sounds like the fans aren't being detected at the controller (the Link hub) level. Even with the previous firmware, this would trigger a warning mode.

Check your connections. Are you using a splitter? That would probably be the easiest, cleanest way to handle the front and side fans. Actually, using a hub with 2 right angle would be better from an aesthetic perspective but more expensive. You could run them chain to chain but my inclination would be that it'd be a little awkward. But my case has a completely different setup so that's really just a gut feel.

If you are feeling creative ... you could, I think, keep it under the 7 device limit. But it would involve contortions that would be somewhat unnatural ... and more cables.


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