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Corsair Vengeance RAM Kernel Failures

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Bought Some new DDR5 RAM (Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB 6400MHz) to finish a build:

  • 7950x
  • x670p Prime-P Wifi
  • h150i Link
  • m.2 980 Samsung Hard Drive
  • ASUS TUF 4090
  • G-Skill 6000 MHz FlareX

Swapped out the RAM with the new set but kept getting KERNEL_SECURITY_FAILURE stop code. Never had an issue with the G.Skill RAM @ 6000MHz and I figured that there would be no problem running the new set at 6400MHz but now I just keep getting the KERNEL failure

I have:

  • Updated to latest BIOS
  • Updated iCue
  • Updated Drivers for all components
  • Checked for bent pins
  • Blew out any possible dust in DIMM slots
  • Loosened my CPU cooler (This worked for someone else apparently)

I didn't want to think it was the new RAM, but I have been running with the old RAM for 2 weeks now no issues. Apparently there have been others with similar issues and I've tried their methods to fix issues but they haven't worked so is there more possible solutions or am I just going to have to return the RAM and get a support ticket?


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