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Potential Fix for K55 keep Disconnecting with ICUE software bug

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This was an issue raised in 2017, and many users are still facing it, including me.

I have found a potential fix for this at least for windows, I am not yet sure for MAC.

1. Delete your existing ICUE software and go to https://www.corsair.com/us/en/s/downloads to download the CORSAIR iCUE v3.38.88 (For Legacy Devices) version

2. After installation you should be able to detect at least the K55 Keyboard, don't worry if your other newer devices don't detect it just yet!

3. Go and set your preferred settings for K55 (you can do this later too), and then find "Software Update for ICUE" in v3.38.88 ICUE app (the one you downloaded) to update to the v4.33

4. After the Update you should have your K55 keyboard detecting just normally and you will have your other newer devices detect too!


Let me know if you have any questions, and please help to verify this solution(For windows, also might work for Mac with similar steps) & upvote to help others find it!

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