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  1. So let me get this straight. iCUE previously had lighting link for the K55 keyboard which worked with other corsair products such as the Harpoon mouse. Corsair decided to update the software and remove the K55 keyboard from the lighting link. Now Corsair are working with 3rd parties such as Asus to get lighting link working with their motherboards, such as my X470i. Yet, the K55 has still been left out and not allowed to integrate with lighting link. Even though its a Corsair product? Your options are simple. Either use the old software with lighting link features on both keyboard and mouse (no motherboard). Or use the new software with mouse and motherboard lighting link integration (no K55 keyboard). Or there is a third option. Use old software, get K55 keyboard into lighting link settings, then update software to most recent, which will also include the Asus motherboards. This glitch method allows for all three to synchronise with lighting link, but iCUE starts acting up and crashes occasionally this way. Q1. Why did Corsair officially remove K55 keyboard from lighting link? Q2. On a separate note. Why is your iCUE software acting like bloatware, eating up all the memory? I did raise this issue with Corsair customer support, but they lied and told me to uninstall and re-install new iCUE software again, which is load of nonsense. If I knew this before purchasing your products, I would have stayed well away and not purchased to begin with. In future I've made a decision not to purchase from Corsair.:mad: Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. im on my last straw and nothing frustrates me more than tech issues. I bought the k55 today and I am on a early 2015 Mac book air on Big Sur. Icue keeps saying no device detected. I've tried turning off bios, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've changed USB ports, unplugged all usbs besides the keyboard, restarted my computer, made a second profile in icue, NOTHING WORKS. please please please find the kindest to help me out, no one has answers me across several platforms. I wouuld REALLY appreciate it....
  3. This is a copy/paste message from other site that explains perfectly my problem. Just bought a new K55 keyboard earlier this week and things were great for the first two days, today though has been a big headache. What's happening is, when going from a COLD Boot, my computer hangs before Bios. This is only happening when my K55 is plugged in to any, USB 3.0 or USB 2.0, port. The only solution that's actually done anything is unplug/plug the K55 back in or turn off/on again pressing On button. My computer boots perfectly fine with another keyboard plugged in so long as the K55 isn't plugged in. However, when I restart instead of a full shutdown, my PC boots perfectly fine with the K55 plugged in. Anyone with this issue?
  4. Heyyo, I've really wanted a new keyboard for quite some time, and having RGB is a near-to must for me when it comes to computer accessories nowadays. Seeing how within my budget the K55 was as well, it was the perfect buy! The keyboard has been working far beyond my expectations, until last night. All the LED's at the topright stopped working, though the functions themselves worked (CAPSLOCK and NUMLOCK, specifically). I tried installing CUE and clicking around on mostly everything with no progress, leading me to uninstalling it as I saw it as unneeded software (but, is there a way to fix the issue using that software, i'll be glad to install it again). On a good note, reconnecting the keyboard seems to have fixed the LED's, but on a bad note, this is not issues I want with a new product, about a day into use. I've also had to do this twice so far. Should I bite the bullet and plug in my good old Logitech G110 and take this back to the shop first thing tomorrow, or are we rather looking at a firmware/software issue? I've seen people have similar problems, but do we yet have a "waterproof" fix or are we still lost on that? For what it's worth, it seems to happen when I use fullscreen applications, or at the very least, I've seen it happen whenever I sit playing Watch Dogs. But I guess it may, or may not be a coincidence. I've very recently updated my Bios and Chipset drivers for my motherboard (ASUS Z87-K), ensured that I've got the latest windows updates, and "force reinstalled" the generic keyboard drivers via Windows own device manager (following this guide). Thanks a lot in advance! EDIT 1: I NOW HAVE THE CAUSE OF THE ISSUE! (Though not the solution). When I unplug any other USB device, then plug it back in (for example, my headset charger), the Capslock and Numlock LED's freeze. Nice having the issue pinpointed, now for a solution. Anyone?
  5. So I usually unplug my keyboard at night to prevent my cats from turning on my computer, and it usually works fine the morning after. But today, when i turned on my computer, my keyboard stopped working. It still lights up and I can still use the numerical keypad, but i can’t adjust volume or use any of the other keys. It also won’t restart/reset, I held the escape key for 5 minutes and it didn’t start flashing. What should I do? Is my keyboard broken?
  6. I'm using the K55 Corsair keyboard, and usually I don't care much about RGB lighting and stuff, but found the macro features in iCUE pretty useful. For my toggle macros tho, I would like to change the lighting profile while the macro is actively running. I've searched multiple threads and people are saying I should be able to tie lighting layers to keys, but I can't find a feature like that. Is this possible at all with the K55 keyboard? How would I do it?
  7. Hallo zusammen, ich habe eine Corsair K55 Tastatur und auf der Seitentaste G1 ohne ICUE offen zu haben ein Makro. Die Frage ist jetzt kann ein Programm bei meiner Tastatur die G1 Taste beeinflussen und das Makro aufnehmen? Bekomme das ganze nicht weg... Vielen Danke im Vorraus für die Hilfe. Danke Walsh.
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone know if the K55 is available with English/Cyrillic keys? I've searched the forum and checked out the web shop but can't find an answer.
  9. sometimes it presses enter but sometimes it doesnt
  10. Hey guys! new user here so forgive me if this has been covered already. I have a k55 keyboard and am having trouble with my lighting effects. I only have access to " Rainbow Wave Color Shift and Color Pulse". If you have any idea why that may be please let me know! Thank you.
  11. Hola! Me gustaría saber como puedo conseguir una tecla de remplazo de mi teclado Corsair K55 (versión ES) ya que me puse en contacto con soporte Corsair y solo me decían que tenían la versión (UA) y (UK), la verdad que necesitaría la tecla MAYÚS derecha del teclado versión ES de España, como puedo o donde conseguirlo. Gracias
  12. hey leudde meine relativ neuen corsair produkte m55 rgb pro und k55 haben beide seltsame probleme. kleine info: ich verwalte beide mit icue es hat zuerst mit der maus angefangen: plötzlich, nach etwa immer 10-15 minuten nach start des computers reagierte sie plötzlich nicht mehr und ich muss sie erneut anschließen. ab und zu sehe ich auch in icue ein kleines rotes dreieck bei den einstellungen der maus. dann fing es mit der tastatur an: manchmal reagiert sie nicht oder entkoppelt sich einfach so beim drücken einer taste und verbindet sich sofort wieder. machmal spammt die tastatur ohne dass ich etwas mache die letzte taste, die ich gedrückt habe und hört dann irgendwann wieder auf. auch bei der tastaur wird gelegentlich ein rotes dreieck angezeigt. ich habe icue reinstalliert, die geräte entfernt, updates erzwungen und komplett neue profile erstellt, aber nichts hilft. hat irgendjemand tipps? danke im voraus<3 leo
  13. Bonjour, Je possède le clavier K55 RGB, mais je rencontre diverses problèmes : Hier j'avais un problème : les touches couleurs (FN + ...) ne fonctionnaient plus j'ai donc cherché sur internet et j'ai trouvé la solution de faire F1 + Verrouillage Windows, depuis que j'ai fais ça les touches couleurs remarchent mais depuis le clavier n'est plus reconnu dans le logiciel CUE, et la touche verrouillage windows ne fait que clignoter et même en appuyant dessus je ne peux pas l'éteindre.
  14. So, the high CPU is even worse with the latest update to v3.20.80. I'm now getting 3.5 to 5% in the background and 7.5 to 10% when running the interface on a new i7-7700. This sort of thing has been going on for years and I'm sick of it and gotten to a point where I want to just uninstall and say goodbye to some of my mouse and keyboard functionality. Besides, I'm an old guy and I don't need half of that childish rainbow eye-candy. I don't need my system to look like something from Pink Fluffy Unicorns. What's held me back is I use functionality like sniper mode on my mouse and some of those extra keys and macros on the keyboard. Anyway, I found a partial solution: > Select the mouse > Click the hamburger menu to the right of Profiles > Click the memory card button which saves to device This will allow you to kill iCUE while retaining the mouse functionality. You can uncheck Start on system startup in the settings menu. The Corsair services stay running but it doesn't use as much CPU, although still a bit more than you'd expect from a keyboard and mouse. I can't speak for other devices. Unfortunately, the option to Save to Device is not available for the keyboard, or at least not my case (a K55). I'm just going to have to lose that functionality until Corsair sorts this out ... or until I need a new set and try some other brand. 😪
  15. I've already created a ticket, but posting here in the event that someone else has a solution. Recently the keyboard has been disconnecting and re-connecting on it's own accord noted with the 'bing bong' connect noise in Windows. Today it doesn't even do that. When unplugged and re-plugging it in I get no noise, it doesn't appear in the device manager, iCue, as well as USBDeview (an application I came across to attempt to diagnose the re-connection issue). So, yeah, the board is plugged in and lit up with a color I had set it at previously but it isn't accepting any input from keys. Things I've tried already that didn't work: FN + F4 while plugging it back in ESC while plugging it back in Changing USB ports ESC + F1 + Window Lock Button (and all manner of other combinations I've found all over the internet) Uninstalling the Corsair composite virtual input device from the Device Manager and restarting my system Uninstalling and re-installing iCue (the board is not listed there but my mouse is) Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at wits end here. I'm typing this through a free crummy USB keyboard, so some sort of input works.
  16. My K55 RGB KeyBoard hasn't been lighting up for about a few months now and I figured it was nothing so I just let it not light up. Now, since it's summer I stay up later and it's kinda hard to see which keys I'm pressing in the dark. Previously the RGB helped with this. I tried plugging and unplugging it holding ESC. Then I did it holding FN and F4. I opened iCUE up and updated it. It is still not showing lights. I've also clicked the little sun looking light button. Nothing works and the lights wont show. How can I fix this?
  17. Bonjour, Je possède un clavier k55 rgb et celui ci n'est pas compatible avec la fonction lighting link. Au début, je me suis dit que c'était certainement du a une incompatibilité du matériel mais, j'ai trouvé un tutoriel qui expliquait que la fonction existait sur la version 3.1.133 du Corsair utility engine. J'ai donc installé celle-ci et cela fonctionnait effectivement. J'ai malheureusement du revenir à la dernière version du logiciel suite à une incompatibilité de mon casque (un Corsair hs 60 pro) avec l'ancienne version. Ensuite, suite à une mauvaise manipulation de ma part en réinstallant le logiciel ICUE (je n'ai pas supprimé les réglages) cela fonctionne toujours mais lorsque je cherche à changer les réglages du clavier, le logiciel se ferme. Je me doute que je n'ai fait que provoquer un bug mais cela renforce mon idée qu'il serait possible de rendre le K55 compatible avec le lighting link. Est-il donc possible de voir cette fonction arriver dans de futures versions d'ICUE?
  18. bought a new K55 RGB keyboard and the RGB backlights won't turn on. tried it with icue installed and uninstalled still facing the issue. tried manually resetting the keyboard using Fn + F4 method still not working. did I receive a defective keyboard?
  19. I have created a bunch of macros in ICUE. Example: 1. Press shift 2. Press 0 3. Release shift 4. Release 0 Tested it in browser, and results are as expected - ). But in applications (like Final Fantasy XIV Online) absolutely nothing happens. Any suggestion how to fix it?
  20. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my brand new K55, the Win key is not doing anything since day 1, no matter if I lock or unlock it, check or uncheck the option in Icue... I've also tried the F4+Fn reboot, to no result... The firmware is up to date so.... Has anybody had that problem ? Is there a fix for this ? Thanks
  21. Hello. I purchased a corsair k55 keyboard around 2 years ago now, and the backlighting has not worked since I bought it. I have reinstalled iCUE twice, and updated the drivers. Nothing seems to work and there aren't any solutions on the internet. Please help!
  22. i was trying to install drivers in iCUE for my K55 keyboard but iCUE did not detect it so i googled it and found someone saying that holding PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN should make iCUE detect it and it did but the download got stuck at 100% for 2-3 hours or so while i was away so i aborted the update when i got home thinking i was just gonna have to live without the drivers since it worked without them. restarted my PC and it seems fine untill i press any button on it, the RGB rainbow effect stops and the buttons wont do anything when i press them. only way i can use it now is by holding Page up and Page down while pluging it out and back in again. Anyone know how i can fix this. Edit: i have tried holding down the FN button and F4 to and it dosent help
  23. It's basically all in the title, I've got a k55 rgb keyboard and I need a macro to press a and right mouse click at the exact same time but I can't seem to be able to do that
  24. Hi, I bought a K55 with a Harpoon and I've been using it with Wallpaper Engine for a while. It seems that, if I enable my SDK on the iCUE software, both mouse and keys turns off the LED RGB. So I can't use the keyboard with any software using the SDK to control the colors. Does the K55 and Harpoon have the support to be controlled by another software using the SDK? How do I fix mine, if it is possible to?
  25. So, there seems to be some type of limitation to the specific keys you can push simultaneously on the K55 NumPad. I first noticed it in a game, and used switch hitter to confirm. Problem: If you push multiple keys in 1 row, then other keys in those columns are disabled. Likewise, if you push multiple keys in a column, then other keys in those rows are disabled. Examples: If you hold down 7 and 9 (this is on the numpad remember), then the keys 1,3,4, and 6 do not work. If you hold down 1 and 4, then the keys 2,3,5 and 6 do not work. Is this a hardware limitation? or some type of bug? I've tried doing the Fn+F4 reset. I've tried with and without iCue running. I'm on the latest version of iCue (3.10.125)
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