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Mouse DPI not syncing with profile

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Any time I change profiles using my mouse in the drop down window for profiles the mouse dpi I set for that specific profile changes all on its own, normally the software changes it to the next dpi down on the list but when i try to re-sync the profiles back to the way I want them it does the same thing over and over again where it just keeps activating the next dpi setting under the last one it was on, it has basically made the dpi portion of the icue software unusable for me and since i mainly play fps games im screwed. i expect better from corsair it is a muilti million dollar company and it still cant fix this issue, ive had it with every version of icue from it changed to icue v4 im really starting to think maybe the app doesnt support 3440x1440 res and this is causing an issue via mouse tracking but i dont know anymore but im not going to hold my breath for this bug to be fixed becasue obviously someone doesnt know what they are doing when it comes to testing and fixing software issues

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