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Found 17 results

  1. Sure I might be outing myself as a weeb here, but I noticed the video lighting mode for the LS100 does not work with crunchyroll when in fullscreen mode. The lights just turn completely off or stay a static white rarely. It seems to do the same thing for Netflix in fullscreen mode. YouTube fullscreen works fine as well as games of course. Is there any way I can fix this or is this a bug?
  2. I have a K68 RGB keyboard and after updating iCUE to the latest version I noticed all lighting effects lag or stutter while running any game. It doesn't happen while I'm on the desktop just in games.
  3. hi, i donno if it's a bug of iCUE or a void elite wireless RGB firmware bug, but when i set the color to WHITE and i restart my void elite RGB wireless headset the WHITE color becomes a cyan-ish colour even though on iCue it's still set as white, here's an explaination video (i've reported as a ticket, and i got RMA but the new void elite still act like this so i'm almost sure the bug is either in the headset firmware or in iCUE) [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMBEqLbGTlg[/ame]
  4. i cant seem to find anywhere to report a bug to corsair. so i guess ill just post here and see if i can get some help. After the latest ICUE update my side tone no longer works while dolby surrond sound is active. Before the update as annoying as it was to have to manually mute and unmute the sidetone after muting my mic the side tone still worked. But now my sidetone will not work when i have dolby surround sound on, if i turn it off i can hear myself but if i dont then my side tone is completely muted. i have tried muting and unmuting, changing the sidetone levels, flipping my mic up to mute then putting it back down, force updating the headset firmware, and even uninstalling then reinstalling. Nothing has worked and the problem started right after i updated a day or two ago im pretty convinced its a bug with the latest update. i have a pre built its an HP omen 870-224 but i dont think my computer is the problem. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know of a fix?
  5. With HiDPI Scaling on windows 7 iCUE(3.28.70)'s main window doesn't show properly. Steps to reproduce: Enable at least 150% scaling Launch iCUE The window display works fine with 100% scaling, but fails when increased.
  6. I've been using this version of iCUE for a while and had no issues, until I noticed that the "Play from pressed key" option is missing from the custom ripple effect settings. Here's an example..
  7. Hello! I've been using a Scimitar Pro RGB mouse for about 2 years now, and it's treated me well for the time I've had it. However, over the past few months some serious issues have occurred over the past few months that have rendered the mouse incredibly difficult to use. Mostly involving both mouse buttons. The left click on the mouse glitches frequently, and double clicks basically every other click. This makes it almost impossible to move windows around, single click on folders, and play games. At first I thought it was a computer problem, but it carried over to 2 other computers. After a bit of research, I found that it was normally a firmware corruption issue. However, the ICue 2 firmware updater doesn't work at all for my mouse, alerting me to the fact that it requires an update but fails to "find" or install the update. I've tried to contact support to get a firmware image, but they require a warranty. That's gone missing. As of 2 days ago, a glitch with my right click has appeared. Right clicks don't seem to commit, a single right click turns into a bunch of short millisecond clicks, basically making my clicks rapid fire 7 or 8 times before it finally sticks . This means that first person shooters have also become terrible to play, aiming down sights turns into a river dance session, which normally results in my death. I am willing to accept that this is simply the result of wear from constant use (I play a lot of MOBA's, so my right button has been heavily abused), however it shares a lot of similarities with the firmware bug that my left click suffers from. I'm willing to put the mouse to rest, but if there's a way to save it I'm all ears. I don't have money for a new fancy mouse. As mentioned before, so there's no repeats: 1. Can't update through ICue, says update failed 2. I've tried soft resetting the mouse, nope. 3. Both bugs appeared abruptly one day, so I don't know what could have led up to it. 4. I don't have the mouses warranty, so I can't download the firmware images. Below is a recording of the right click glitch, this is all one held click: https://streamable.com/oa043 tldr; Mouse messed up, bringing me down in ranked.
  8. Had removed iCUE last year due to bugs and reports of keyboard damage and this weekend figure things must be resolved by now, so installed it again. With iCUE running, my mouse buttons (Forward and back) no longer function. Checking iCUE settings just in case there was some weird remap going on and all appears to be normal there.
  9. Just as v3.6.109, v3.7.99 is still removing hardware items from the Device Manager. In my case it is completely removing my Z: SSD. After uninstalling v3.7.99 and restarting the drive is able to be seen again. Exported logs: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjGVk1dNf19QlN8cjr4Ym7cHD-of6g
  10. So this is just a head up to the guys patching this program, when I have my 4k side monitor connected the resolution of the ICUE window goes haywire and im only able to see a corner on my main monitor. It seems to take the highest resolution I am using or something to that effect. To use the program I have to unplug my sidemonitor and that makes the window scale properly and Im able to use it. Best regards S.H.
  11. So today I updated my ICUE software to the new v3.5.1.1 and after restarting my computer with the update finished I realised there was a lighting bug with my keyboard, on the Corsair Strafe (non-RGB) as the title says. The bug consists in: When using the wave effect on your keyboard the keys "F1", "TAB" and the one above "TAB" (don't know how to name that) are completely blank, the lights dont light up ever on the keys, they do with everything else but now with the wave effect. Also they key "1" doesn't light up too except when the wave is starting, where is does a quick flash instead of going along with the wave. I should note that my Corsair Strafe has a Portuguese layout just in case it is an exception on it. Please get this fixed asap
  12. Greetings im linking you a screenshot of an issue im having and also attaching it just in case: https://i.imgur.com/naUd0t4.jpg See on the right? The white bar? When i run CUE, this happens in every window on every program and just going to the very right top of windows doesnt close the window. Im on a 2560x1080 monitor but even at 1920x1080p it doesnt work. This also happened on windows 7. The fix for me was using the old CUE with the old design but that makes my pc freeze during installation, so theres that. My question to you would be: is there anyone else with this issue? And also btw, maybe this can get fixed after making a post? Id love to help you guys out Greetings from Luxembourg. (this is the first time i post on here so i dont know if you see my specs. ive already read the rules but i didnt see anything about that or ive overread it lol so ill post them again) Mainboard: Asus VII formula CPU: i7 4790k RAM: 4x4gb G Skill Ripjaws 1600mhz GPU: 2x KFA2 Reference design GTX 1080 PSU: Corsair RM1000 OS: Windows 10 64bit CUE is up to date and my nvidia drivers as well. Ive tried rolling back but the same issue persists.
  13. Today I installed CUE 3.1.131 (iCUE) and I absolutely love it! I really like the new look and all the new features. The only problem I've noticed so far is a minor bug that has to do with the 3 buttons on the top left of the K95 Platinum keyboard (profile switch, brightness and windows lock). So the problem is that sometimes these 3 buttons blink for some reason. They work normally though, it only has to do with the lighting of the buttons. So yeah I posted this so you guys know about it and hopefully it gets fixed soon. :biggrin: Here's an example: [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXgbOoh-zw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXgbOoh-zw[/ame]
  14. I have the option checked in the application and yet i still have to manually open it each time i startup my computer so i can have my settings be applied. i also set a task for the application to be automatically opened on startup but that doesn't seem to be working either.
  15. Hello I built a new system over the holidays, and have a predicament, well 2 that may be related. I own a 32gb 4-stick kit of vengeance RGB ram but link doesn't recognize them all as from the same kit. The actual kit number is CMR32GX4M4C3000C15 and it recognizes three of my sticks as such, but one is recognized as a CMR16GX4M2C3000C15. Because of this I cannot group them together in LINK as a single lighting group. THis problem may also be causing my RAM RGBs to not be sequence, as I have noticed that when setting lighting effects that the lights arent sequenced in the right order. Is there anyway to fix this or is this a hardware problem? Thanks guys!
  16. Greetings I would like to report a bug in the firmware of these SSDs. - Description: Boss asked me to backup two such SSDs using GHOST. I connected each SSD via an USB to SATA connector and started to dump the data to a local uncompressed .gho file. At around 84% the program reported a bad sector, then it shutted down with some internal failure error. In "My Computer" the drive dissapeared. At reboot the HDD is no longer detected as 120GB capacity, but as an old 20 MBytes HDD. [later edit] The following data is the same for both SSD drives: - Disk Drive Information: Part Number: CSSD-F120GBLSB Device Manager (Windows 7/32 bit) shows the SSD information as following: PS3109S9 USB Device Disk Manager reports as following: Disk1: Unknown, 20 MBytes, Not Initialized I am unable to boot MsWindows with this SSD inserted into the motherboard SATA port (AHCI enabled according to the Corsair SSD Toolbox instructions). Also unable to boot with SATA port switched to compatibility mode (IDE). Windows automatically restarts, it does not reach the desktop. Corsair SSD ToolBox 1.2 Drive Information Tool: Model Number: USB Fixed Disk Serial Number: [blank] Firmware Version: [some times it displays "S9RB", some times blank] Configuration ID N/A Drive Size: 20.9 MB ATA Version: Minor version is not reported (unknown) Features [blank] Temperature [blank] Total Host Reads: 0B Total Host Writes: 0B BSD Unix diagnosis when connected via USB to SATA converter: kernel: da0: <PS3109S9> Fixed Direct Access SPC-3 SCSI device kernel: da0: Serial Number 000000000000 kernel: da0: 30.000MB/s transfers kernel: da0: 20MB (40961 412 byte sectors) and tons of read errors. I would like to ask the technical team to confirm this problem: - Install some operating system on this type of SSD; - connect this SSD to any USB to SATA converter, connect it to some PC before or after some MsWindows starts (I used Hirens BootCD 15.2); - Run ghost, make a image from this SSD to some other local file, no compression; - Be patient as the data transfer is extremely slow no matter if the USB is 3.0; - after failure check the parameters and adapt the firmware so it won't repeat the problem Also I would like to ask for assistance in forcing a firmware rewrite. Corsair SSD Toolbox blocks the firmware update button when selecting this drive. Thank you.
  17. This happened when I wanted to add more EQ presets to my headset, I went over the (untold) limit and now all the ones outside the limit are permanently greyed out. I tried deleting some of the presets but it did nothing. I cannot click or right click on any of the greyed out presets, and cannot move any of the non-greyed out presets past the greyed out presets. This seems like just a normal bug so it'd be cool if it was fixed in the next update. It's fine if it's not though, I know through experience how hard fixing a bug can be.
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