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Faulty XMS 256mb Stick

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I have 2 xms 256mb 2700 c2 sticks and 1 xms 512mb 2700 c2 of ram. My mb is a asus a7n8x deluxe 2.0 with the lastest bios.


The other day I turned on my pc it loaded up windows and the just froze up. I had to restset it. After swapping out parts trying to find the problem I figured it must be the ram. So I removed one of the 256mb sticks turned the pc on booted fine. Then I shutdown the pc removed the other 256mb stick replaced it with the first I removed turned the pc on it wouldn't boot. Then I took the bad ram out replaced the good one in the slot where the bad stick was. PC booted up fine.


Bad stick spec's






Need RMA so I can get it replaced in time for Battlefield 2. :biggrin:


Thanks darksky65

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