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Custom Pump speed for h150i elite capellix

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Hi, so I love and hate my new  h150i elite capellix.

It cools very well, but the pump, even at the low setting, makes a really annoying sound.

Which is fine while I play, but while watching YT or working on Word or Excel it annoys me hard.

Since the 13700k doesn't really draw all that much power. I would like to lower the pump speed even more.


Is there a way to do this ?


Sincerly, Lachtraube 🙂


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  • Solution

here's 19 pages for you to read ^^'

There's unofficial workarounds inside.


Edited by LeDoyen
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 You are my Hero ❤️

I already ordered a Noctua cooler, but i was worried of the performance, since i dont know if it can handle 160W constant.

And i kinda want to have an AIO to cool up to 300W, which this AIO does kinda well.

But i set the pump to 55% which are ~1800rpm which is near silent.

50% would be better, but then i get a scratching noise.

And while only browsing the web/doing office work this is way more pleasing than the summing from the pump.


Does this harm the pump in any way or is it fine if it runs at such an "low" speed ?

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some are commenting on it, running them like that for long periods without ill effects. it's not endorsed by corsair anyway.

I personally don't own an AIO so i can't say.

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