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I bought 4 QL 120 fans, iCUE H150i Capellix with the iCUE Elite LCD upgrade & the newest HX1000i.  I know how to hook up the fans with the H150i using the included Commander Hub. However, how do you hook up the HX1000i so it shows up in iCUE? 

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@AMDbigboy - the HX1000i has an included USB cable (mini USB A to internal USB 2.0). This needs to be installed between your motherboard's USB 2.0 header and the cable side of the PSU. Most motherboards have 1 or 2 USB 2.0 headers and communication via passive splitters can be iffy at times. What most on here recommend is a powered internal USB 2.0 hub. Corsair have announced one shown here but if it's not available, the NZXT USB Hub (Gen 3) works very nicely.

PS. I just looked up the Elite LCD upgrade and it comes with a USB splitter... well, I assume it just breaks up the 2 separate USB signals (I've done the same in the past by wiring a second USB cable into a single USB plug) a motherboard header supports so you may not need any internal hub. You require 3 USB 2.0 connections - one for the HX1000i, one for the Commander Core RGB and one for the Elite LCD. Assuming your motherboard has 2 x USB 2.0 headers, you can share one motherboard header using the USB splitter that came with the Elite LCD upgrade (2 x USB 2.0 connections) and the other motherboard header for the third USB connection.

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Thank you!  In addition to the H150i, HX1000i & the Commander Core XT, I will run 7 QL 120 rgb fans plus the 3 with the H150i. Furthermore, I running the Corsair lighting strips too. 

How do I connect the Command Pro that came with the H150i to the additional Commander Core XT? Since I have 10 rgb fans, I needed the extra Commander Core. Thanks! 

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