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Introducing the CORSAIR Internal 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub

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Hey everyone,

Expand your PC's number of internal USB 2.0 headers with our USB 2.0 Hub! No need to limit yourself with a fixed amount of accessories within your PC. Here are a few quick highlights:

  • Equipped with four USB 2.0 headers, you'll be able to conveniently route all your accessories to one central hub - AIO cooler controllers, RGB lighting controllers, iCUE PSUs - you name it!
  • With a slim profile that even suits mini-ITX cases - you'll have an easy time installing this hub which magnetically attaches to your PC's surface

Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below:

Q: Does the hub require power?
A: Yes, this hub connects to a SATA power connector from your PSU.

Q: Is this hub compatible with my system/motherboard?
A: This hub offers wide compatibility with most Intel and AMD motherboards.

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Well, now we have a in-house solution to give 🙂

Just a question, more general and not specific to this device :

The commander units have connexions all around

the lighting node core has connexions all around

the fan hubs have connexions all around

the USB hub has connexions all around.

With one or two devices, it's fine. as you add more, having connexions around the entire unit makes cable management a problem, and it's harder to find real estate to install these (many like me did resort to stacking them with double sided tape).

Did the design team consider having longer units with connexions on one or two sides only to better place them side to side and have neater and easier cable management?

I guess the best layout changes from case to case anyway and there's not just one solution for all

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About time Corsair implemented such a device with every other control box needing USB connectivity. My two machines have fully populated NZXT USB Gen 3 hubs to cover connections to Commander Pro's, PSU's and Lighting Nodes (plus a competitor's UNI hub that I control via a Commander Pro's RGB port).

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